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Student Success

Student Success


Many international student graduating from college in the US feels uneasy about employment. They don’t know where to start their job search, lack guidance and support throughout the process and are generally confused about the lengthy, complicated procedures of job application processes. 

My goal is to design a mobile platform concept that combines job search and mentoring for international students. 

Research Overview


  • 5 interviews
  • 1 in their home space 
  • 4 at school 

Participant Criteria

  • International F1 student
    currently studying in the US

  • Planning to work in the US

  • Have worked, interned or looked for jobs in the US


  • Understand the career plans and goals of
    international students after graduation and
    how they are working towards achieving

  • Explore how international students are
    finding and applying to jobs.

  • Identify the pain points and needs that
    international students face when applying for jobs.

  • Look for opportunities to design solutions to
    address the challenges faced by
    international students during their job search.

Interview Demographics


  • School: The New School
  • Program: Fashion Design
  • Grad year: 2024
  • Country: Canada


  • School: NYU
  • Program: Game Design
  • Grad year: 2023
  • Country: China


  • School: SVA
  • Program: Graphic Design
  • Grad year: 2024
  • Country: Korea


  • School: The New School
  • Program: Design & Tech
  • Grad year: 2023
  • Country: China


  • School: The New School
  • Program: Design & Tech
  • Grad year: 2025
  • Country: Russia

Persona: Ann Taylor



  • Stressed

  • Overwhelmed

  • Confused

  • Anxious

  • Unaware


  • Female

  • Design and & Tech Major

  • Senior

  • International Student

Plans & Goals

  • Apply for OPT + Stem Extension

  • Career in UI/UX

  • Stay in the US for a few years

  • Apply for H1B and Green Card in the future

Pain Points

  • Limited Application options due to the unwillingness to work with international student.

  • Confusing, complicated and time-consuming application process due to lack of guidance, understanding and transparency.

Wants & Needs

  • More support and guidance

  • Simpler, quicker processes

  • Transparency in applications for international students like sponsorship

Top Research Insights

  • Lack of information and transparency

  • Lack of guidance and support

  • Time Consuming

  • Complicated Processes 

Research - Persona - Insights - Features


Platform Features

My project aims to address these challenges faced by these international students by developing a platform that:

The platform will ensure faster response times than school mentors, eliminate the need for appointments scheduled ahead, and offer personalized guidance and support to international students throughout their career journey. By providing support and more personalization for the job search and application processes, our platform will empower international students to confidently pursue career opportunities and increase their chances of successful employment.
⏱ Allows easy and quick replies to international student employment-related questions
🙋🏻‍♀️ Offers 1:1 chat support with specialized mentors 
✨ Enables filtered job searches with transparency on hiring policies, including visa sponsorship         and direct job applications.

Wireframes & Prototype

Usability Test Data Synthesis

App Changes Based On Usability Tests

I implemented these changes in my prototype made using Figma. I have recorded the experience for viewing here. 

Feature #1  - Ask a Question

  • Select a relevant topic and ask a questions in our portal to get a fast response from any available mentor

  • No scheduled appointment necessary


Feature #2 - 1:1 chat with specialized mentors for international students

Once you have connected with a mentor, you can continue to chat with them and get answers within their area of expertise. 


Feature #3 - Filtered jobs for international students with tags

Search and apply to jobs directly on the platform. Some filters appeal to international students such as Sponsorship. Tags are shown for increased transparency on job postings. 


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