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Internship Project: PlayerWON Pinball

**Due to the NDA I cannot show the interactive version/gameplay. 

What I Did
Meta Game


  • To make a sample browser game that showcases best practices of ad and reward design to game developers and show them how to implement the solution into their game. 

  • The game aims to simulate the F2P metagame system & show how ad design fits in

PlayerWon is an engagement and monetization platform for free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games that lets players earn rewards in exchange for watching premium brand-sponsored videos.

What I did

  • Researched and analyzed other games on the market with the best ad reward design

  • Designed the core loop, metagame, simulated F2P in-game economy & ad design system

  • Designed the UX flow and UI of the game

  • Collaborated with the developer team to build the fully functioning game from scratch in Unity

Main Gameplay 

  • Description: Start the game by shooting the ball into space. The ball will bounce against any surface it touches. The game ends when the ball falls down the pit between the flippers. To prevent this, flip the flippers at the right time to hit the ball and shoot it in the opposite direction. 

  • Player Goal: to gain as many points, collect as many coins and survive as long as possible. 

  • In-game Collectible: coins appear at score milestones, in waves. The further you get in the game the more valuable the coins are that appear

  • Controls: control the left and right flippers using z and /, shoot the ball in the beginning by holding down and releasing the spacebar. 

Meta Game

  • Shop: player can purchase cosmetic items. all items are purchasable in the beginning, once a skin is purchased it is permanently unlocked. 

  • Purchasable items: pinball skins, flipper skins, board themes

  • Rewarded video features: prize wheel, unlock skin for one match, daily mission tab

  • Type of currency: coin

  • Inventory: shows purchased items

  • Reward types: rare mystery chest, common mystery chest, coins, random skin 

Best Ad Practices

  • Make rewards pop by smart placement, making use of visual language and color hierarchy and creating suspense with the reveal.

  • Make rewards feel valuable by driving up their perceived value 

  • Have rewards that are immediately useful and utilize people’s fear of missing out

Rewarded Video Features

  • Prize Wheel: the player can watch an ad to spin the prize wheel and collect rewards. Reward types: common and rare mystery chest, coins, random skin (from chest). This feature can be accessed from the main menu.

  • Unlock skin for one match: A pop up may appear when the player hits play, asking if they want to watch an ad in exchange for a skin that can be used that match only. The pop up has 50% chance of spawning. 

  • Daily Mission Tab: the player can earn rewards daily by logging in. After each reward was redeemed, a pop up will appear, prompting the player to watch an ad for a premium/double reward. 

Ad Placement Guide

  • The guide icon (a flag with a question mark) will appear on popups and certain places. When clicked, a side panel appears with the placement/feature name and a description.

  • This is used to provide information on the best ad reward placements and guide developers.

Ad Practice
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