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Project Overview 

When I moved to the US for university, I had a lot of trouble with preparing meals for myself. I often lacked the time and motivation needed to cook constantly. It's also a lot of hassle to go grocery shopping. Sometimes I'm not sure what ingredients to get or I just don't have enough knowledge of them.

Naturally, I ate out a lot. However, I found that many of the homecooked Asian dishes that I craved were not available in restaurants. The only way I could get them is if I put the effort to cooking them (which would do a favor to my dying wallet...).


And so I there a way to ease the meal prep process which would help me make the homecooked Asian dishes that I crave?


Research Goals


  • ​To find out the availability of access to homecooked Asian meals

  • Find out pain points and needs when preparing Asian meals

  • Refine problem space

  • Identify more opportunities 

  • Learn about the eating/cooking/grocery shopping habits and preferences of people who enjoy Asian food and the problems they incur

  • Proto-personas

  • SWOT analysis

  • Primary Research

  • Interviews

  • User Journey Map


I quickly created a few proto-personas to measure my research against. I listed my prediction of their goals, behaviors, needs, attributes and my assumptions. 

SWOT Analysis

I also did SWOT analysis of 4 existing services on the market that has similarities to my initial idea of an Asian food delivery service.

Primary Research

  • I looked at 50 menus (on Google) of different Asian restaurants in NYC (25 Chinese restaurants, 15 Japanese restaurants, 10 Korean restaurants, 5 Vietnamese restaurants). 

  • I visited 10 different Asian grocery stores in NYC
    Looked up 20 most popular Asian home-cooked meals (5 of each countries listed above) and the ingredients for them

  • This helped me identify the availability of access to homecooked Asian meals, to further refine the problem space


of the ingredients needed for the meals found in grocery stores, not all are found in the same grocery store. 


of the home-cooked meals not found in menus

Interviews and Survey

I conducted 4 semi-structured 1-1 interviews, 3 in the interviewee's home space and 1 online. I also did a survey involving 23 anonymous participants.

Participant limitations: 

  • All participants live in the city

  • All participants are tech-savvy

  • All participants are Asian

  • More than half are close in age

  • I compiled the steps in preparing food of my interviewers into a combined user journey map. 

Top Insights Overview


Problem to Solution

Before doing research, I had a vision for what the app would be, which was an Asian grocery delivery app. However, insights from the research led me to developing a different concept. I decided to make an app with these main features:

  • Recipe Suggestion

  • Ingredient Management

  • Smart Grocery List

  • Shopping Assistant


I created my task flow and then began to design some concept sketches of the potential digital translation of the application. I created several variations; the preferred sketch, upon which I built my wireframes, is shown here. (More images coming soon.)


More Coming Soon!

Ma's Meals


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