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Accelerate Design
With Gen AI

How I leveraged AI to speed up the visual design process for Daisy

2 days
Tools used
Adobe Firefly, Visily AI, AI Describe Picture


Daisy is a women's sexual wellness app that pairs with its own vibrator which provides customizable vibration patterns, detailed insights, smart AI recommendations and a live view with in-app remote control. 

My team developed the app at the FemHack Hackathon in the span of 2 days where I was the sole product designer responsible for developing the prototype.

AI  for accelerated design process

Problem & Solution
Although I'd done some research on existing products in the market prior to the hackathon, I had only 2 days to go through the entire product design process by myself. It was necessary for me to define the MVP ASAP and reduce time spent on the processes to the best of my ability.

This is where AI comes in. I used Adobe Firefly, Visily AI & AI Describe Picture to create the UI elements that would have otherwise been tedious to find or design from scratch.

Screenshots to mockups - Visily AI

AI Application
In order to quickly produce the MVP, I used Visily AI to convert screenshots of competitor apps into editable mockups in Figma, applicable for the screens that follow a basic outline template and does not require too much structure customization as a starting point. This way I don't have to manually create each shape outline and organize them on the screen. 
Static Screenshot
Editable Mockup
output 2.png

AI Describe Picture for prompt

AI Application
I wanted to generate a set of images in Adobe Firefly similar to my model to use as background UI art in Daisy. However, I was struggling coming up with the prompt.

Hence, I used the ADP to describe my model image then revised my prompt in Adobe Firefly based on that. The result I got after was much closer to my model image than my original prompt. 
My original prompt results
ai describe picture.png
Model Image
Revised prompt results

UI background & icon set by Adobe Firefly

AI Application
Aside from utilizing Adobe Firefly for creating background art, I also generated special icons in the style I wanted thanks to the Style Reference and Effects features. These are some of the AI-generated UI elements that was used in the final MVP prototype. 
ai use.png
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